Offset Cylinder Repair Services in India
Offset cylinder repair
Onsite cylinder repair
Why AGS?

An four color printing machine cylinders were damaged when an 8mm Allen Key went through 4 cylinders damaging both blanket and impression cylinders damaged. The cylinders were impossible to print on. The repair was need immediately because customer has some urgent jobs to deliver.

Conventional repair

Remove cylinders from machine by breaking stations and
complete disassembly.

Weld cylinders
Assemble cylinders in Machine
Re assemble Stations
Test Print and adjust
Time Approx. 6-7weeks.
Estimated Cost Approx. INR 4-5 Lacs.
Repair by AGS

Onsite filling by electroplating process.
Dress back to original surface.
Time 3 days
Cost INR 1 Lac.

This example shows that a considerable amount of savings in the time and money can be achieved by using the AGS repair Method. The repair work was carried out by 2 people working 10-12 hours a day. Test Print was carried out, and a small amount of time spent re-sizing a low spot. AGS method was the best method for this repair. The work was carried out in situe, stopping expensive down time of 7 weeks. The repair was started very next day after the accident was reported. Printing Machines are one of the most accurate machines to work upon.
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